What Problems Does Online Studying Solve?

How restless would you be if you lost $9,437.21 or $22,691.11? Would you lose your religion for at least seven minutes? Tell the truth. It's okay. I don't know a single student or a parent who has taken out “home down payment” style debt for college, and is okay with failing without a degree. Neither do you.




Schools want student success. Parents want student success. Students want student success. We can agree there. But what’s going on with all the D’s, F’s, W’s, the failure rates, and the dropouts?

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 11.39.23 AMWhen a student has $9k or $22k in debt, and they are struggling with their work and their studies, there is nothing more important they want than personalized help. There is not a person on earth, who desires to be confused, to be left out, to struggle, to question themselves, not a person on earth who takes deep pride in giving up. Students hold an enormous amount of personal and financial pressure. When they exit the class and run into issues, it's do or die time.


As a college, you are aligned with student success. You don’t want students to dropout and get concerned with the trickle down effect. Universities provide a success center, some professors may hold office hours depending on research responsibilities, schools have summer programs for high-risk students, and yet the massive problem still exists with student failure. That failure is felt inside the campus, outside of the campus, and for some students, they pay the price for a lifetime. This problem doesn't have to persist, nor does a campus need to terminate everything they are doing and start over from scratch. You know the benefits of student collaboration, you know the advantages of student engagement, you know what happens when students share ideas, tips, and insights. You know that in every class where there are historic high failure rates, there are always students who do well and you know the old adage, “To teach is to learn twice.”


We have made something students want, which helps them with their job to be done. An online studying platform, where students listen and support each other at their time of need. It's the students who took out the debt, put it in their name, they don’t desire to fail when they struggle and they most definitely don’t want to lose $9,437.21 or more because of it. When you think about a college campus, there are a wide variety of student demographics that will benefit immensely from studying online.


At CircleIn, we’re here to bring students closer together and don’t be shy to ask about our grant funding. We’re partnering with 13 more higher ed institutions to improve student success and shrink D’s, F’s and W’s with our easy to use studying app.


by Gerald Meggett Jr., CEO and Co-founder of CircleIn

Published October 9, 2020

CircleIn is an easy to use studying app and website, designed to bring students closer together, to solve difficult problems, and create an immersive learning experience. CircleIn is the place for remote studying.

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