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7 Best Study Tips for College

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Studying for college tests can often be intimidating. It can be difficult transitioning from high school and learning how to go about studying for different types of tests in a new environment. When it comes to studying, each and every student is different. That is why it is important to figure out tips that can help you out early on.

Creating good study habits in college is the key to success. Below are seven of the most successful study tips from one college student to another that will help you do well on your college tests!

1. Change Your Environment

Changing your scenery can often make the biggest difference with helping to get studying done without interruptions. Staying in your room to do work comes with a plethora of distractions, so it can be helpful to go to a quiet, uninterrupted spot.

Some examples of good spots to go include: coffee shops, the library, a picnic area, or the campus lawn. Getting a new view each day helps to give you a new perspective and change your study habits for the better!


2. Organize

Staying organized is the biggest key to success when studying for college exams. Being organized prevents things like procrastination or even missing deadlines.

With so many classes, it is important to put  deadlines into a calendar or agenda. CircleIn offers an area to put in upcoming tests and assignments. There is also a feature on the app to put in upcoming, in progress, completed, and overdue assignments/tests. Using this feature, can help ensure that you stay up to date and plan ahead of time on your work.

3. Prioritize Your Work

When having a ton of assignments due, it can be stressful knowing how to manage everything going on. It is important to go over all of it and prioritize studying the most for the hardest classes over the easier ones. Learning how to prioritize your work can help you succeed far in the future with any job.


4. Stay Confident and Optimistic about Your Studies

When studying, it can be easy to fall into the trap of stressing out and thinking the worst of the situation. It is important to focus on staying confident and optimistic about studying. Preparing for an exam will help you to feel confident in your abilities and help you have a better mindset!


5. Avoid Cramming

It is imperative to start preparing for tests early on to avoid cramming at all costs. Cramming may seem like a good idea, but procrastinating can make it harder to grasp information and to study all the material needed. This can also cause a lot of stress which will only make it worse when heading into the test.

Instead, studying a little information each day will help you understand and learn information more efficiently. This will also help you to avoid stress and help you feel more confident when going into the exam.


6. Create a daily routine

Having a routine can help you become more efficient with your studies. This allows you to have set times of when you will be studying so that it will always be prioritized. This will also help you to not fall behind.

When you don’t have a schedule, it can be easy to miss days of studying or doing work. Being on a set schedule will help you stay accountable with staying on top of your studies and avoiding procrastination.


7. Take breaks

Taking breaks is adamant for doing well. Studying for a straight eight hours would make you go crazy and you would likely not be learning all of the information. Breaks help your brain reset and helps you feel refreshed. You will get the most out of your studying when taking breaks which will help you in the long haul.

Finding the right study habits that work for you are key in performing well in college. It may take time to find what is right for you, but I hope these tips can help you succeed and find what works for you! Stay positive, you got this!