From the Classroom to the Living Room.

From the Classroom to the Living Room.

Now more than ever education has to compete and I’m not certain who will win…




Snapchat or streaming/video lecture          FaceTime or streaming/video lecture          Call of Duty or streaming/video lecture


and the list goes on…





Staying in Shape







League of Legends



Clash of Clans


Also, go ahead and throw in a few worries that education has to compete with





Slow Wifi

Stir Craziness






There was a time when students erased all these things. Where they went into the classroom, listened, studied, and executed (not withholding difficulties all across the board), but now going to the video lecture, listening, studying and executing, will face over 20+ very strong competitors, some addictively strong by design.


A school who is not waging war against the new competitors, who have already taken the high ground, is like a house without walls - it collapses.


Two things we can’t forget…


Schools are being forced to scale up one of the most challenging learning experiences for student success with online learning in comparison to face to face

Students who choose face to face, did so for a reason, in spite of having access to a low-cost online alternative


As students have been displaced from the classroom to the living room, it’s time to rethink how they learn, and embrace online studying.


When you take the roof off and look at studying, it is still pretty antiquated.




Studying is still… 


          -Done in isolation 

          -Full of procrastination 

          -De-motivating when struggling or confused

          -Limited in terms of help based on who you know

          -Filled with too many distractions (never more true than today)




Now that students are displaced, they’ve even lost their human connection around studying. The shared pains, the amazing breakthroughs, the cramming, the talks about the cramming, the entire campus worried, studying and shutting down around midterms and finals, all of that is gone. Walking out of class and being reminded of how critical studying is when seeing individuals or groups of students talking with their books out, laptops open while getting coffee or lunch, the office hours, and the relentless studying ques have all been erased.


Education has an incredibly strong, and unwavering competition right now. It has a distracted student, who is absent from all the positive peer pressure of walking on campus.


At CircleIn, we’re here to bring students closer together and don’t be shy to ask about our grant funding. We’re partnering with 13 more higher ed institutions to improve student success and shrink D’s, F’s and W’s with our easy to use studying app.




by Gerald Meggett Jr., CEO and Co-founder of CircleIn

Published April 13, 2020

CircleIn is an easy to use studying app and website, designed to bring students closer together, to solve difficult problems, and create an immersive learning experience. CircleIn is the place for remote studying.

Ready to learn more about how CircleIn help support your students? Contact our team to schedule a demo today.

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