75% of High School Seniors Have Changed Their College Plans

The number of incoming freshmen is a source of concern for higher education institutions this year. A recent survey conducted by New America/Third Way showed that high-school seniors are making decisions about college based on the current conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. 75% of those surveyed said that they had changed their plans about college because of the pandemic. ⅓ are applying closer to home and 20% said they were going to apply to schools “with lower tuition or clear COVID-19 response protocols.” 

With the enrollment of out-of-state students up in the air,  student retention is more important than ever. Your students need to know that you care about their academic and personal success. The key is providing additional support. 

Academic Support
Students need to be able to share notes, study together, and get feedback outside of class time. Tutors are great, but students also need to talk to the students who are in the class with them. They need clarity on their assignments and with difficult assignments. They need access to up-to-date notes, based on current lectures, not notes from 3 semesters ago. And they need to do all of this while practicing social distancing.



Social/Emotional Support
Isolation is bad for everyone, especially students who are away from home. Students need community. They need genuine opportunities to collaborate with their classmates so they don’t feel isolated. Feeling a part of the community helps with students’ mental and emotional health.



Financial Support 
Work-study programs are harder to come by and students need to have opportunities to earn money, get scholarships and defray the costs of their tuition. Students need innovative ways to make money for school.  


Students who are supported academically, socially, and financially are more likely to stay the course and graduate. Do you want more information about how you can provide these vital supports to your students?

by Gerald Meggett Jr., CEO and Co-founder of CircleIn

Published March 22, 2021

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