Finish First versus First Gen

Overwhelming feelings of nervousness, imposter syndrome...analyzing the room where it looks like your peers seem light years ahead. This is a lonely and difficult place to be. 


As a first-generation student in college, the odds of success are not in their favor, for so many compounding reasons... working to cover bills, coming out of a severely under-resourced school district, lack of community or support, and that is not even the half of it.


What happens when these students continually experience imposter syndrome? What happens when no one in the family even grasps this incredibly difficult journey? 


The damage. Close to 75% of first-generation students do not graduate in 4 years. The sad part is that they make up almost 50% of the population of college students. 


Now imagine how much further the odds of success will decline when the pandemic has radically disrupted the traditional school experience for all students.  The students who were already severely hard hit, take another blow to their futures.


Not every student enters this journey fully and equally equipped to cross the finish line. With the backing of The National Science Foundation, we are breaking down barriers that traditionally dictate a student’s odds of success. For the first-generation students having a strong embedded support system is even more essential to their success. We opened up a network where students are encouraged to collaborate and develop connections while equipping them with the essential learning tools that are needed to succeed.

We are seeking 25 student-centric schools that are looking to help move the success and completion agenda forward for their students who need it the most.

by Lauren Moore

Published May 18, 2021

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