I’m a Student With a Job; Does That Mean I’m On My Own?

Studies have shown that students who work more than 20 hours per week tend to have lower grades and retention rates. Working can make earning a degree take longer, which also lowers the likelihood that it actually gets done.


Financial pressure, struggles to balance school and work, scheduling conflicts, and feeling isolated are some of the many reasons that working adults struggle to finish their degree. In fact, 54% of college drop-outs cite work-life balance as a key reason. 


Working students need support, but often lack the time to meet with professors or classmates due to their work schedule. Either they are only on campus a few days a week (and their schedule is packed), or they have to leave right after class to make sure they can get to work on time. 


When they are always rushing to class or work, it can be hard to build relationships and form study partnerships. CircleIn App gives them access to their classmates from home, work, or anywhere! 


Class Chats


With Class Chats, students have access to a community of 25-250 students 24/7. They can get help with homework, see announcements, find out who is ready to study now, and ask questions. There are 10+ topics to choose from and each helps them with a different aspect of class life. Because the feature is always available they can use it before work, after work, or even on a lunch or dinner break. 


Study Rooms


Even when students are not on campus, they are not alone. With Study Rooms, they can study with they’re classmates any time. They simply go into a study room and send the link in the class chat so that others can join them for a video study session. Or, if they already have  a study group, they can create a study room and just invite a few people. 


Direct Message


Direct message allows students to talk directly with their classmates without the awkwardness of asking for people’s phone numbers. They can reach out to specific students to ask questions, get help or start a study group. 


One way to mitigate the negative effects of working while in school is for colleges to provide strong academic support for their working students. With CircleIn’s collaborative study app, students have access to all the tools they need to stay connected and get the help they need. 


When students are supported and do well in their classes, they are more likely to stay motivated to finish. 





by Stacy Brown

Published December 20, 2021

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