How Social Anxiety Impacts Student Success





We all hear about how the experience of exchanging numbers with peers, completing group projects with strangers, or even asking a tutor or professor for help can be awkward.  Now consider that over 10% of people 18 and older experience social anxiety in their lives, particularly those experiencing it as a college student and those situations grow from being merely awkward to extremely stressful.  


For those who struggle with social anxiety, leaving for college can be met with apprehensions instead of excitement. They are moving away from the comfort zone of family and friends to a place of uncertainty, where interacting with strangers is inevitable.


Students with social anxiety could suffer academically as they may find it hard to participate in class, ask questions, get help with work, join study groups, give presentations, and approach professors and support services on campus. For a student with social anxiety, the college experience can feel intimidating at times.


Their social college experience will look very different as well as they may be less likely to initiate friendships, join clubs, and make those connections that make up the traditional college experience.  


The problem grows even larger when thinking about shy students, or students who come from different cultures or internationally, or students who come from out of state and don’t know anyone.


When students are dealing with diagnosed or undiagnosed social anxiety, experts suggest they should not avoid social interactions entirely as that compounds the problems. At CircleIn, we create collaborative communities for students, a safe digital place for students to be able to study in unity, share skills, solve difficult problems and do so without the threats and worries in a face-to-face environment. 


We are breaking down the barriers that prevent students from reaching their academic potential.

by Henderson Sargeant

Published September 15, 2021

CircleIn is where classmates gather to study in unity, share skills, attack really difficult problems, build better study habits, and push each other to succeed.

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