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10 Habits of a Successful College Student

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There are many good habits that successful students have. The list could go on and on. If you want to be a successful student yourself, it is a good idea to look at what other successful students are doing first. It is important to define what success means to you and go from there. Everyone accomplished their goals in different ways, but below are 10 of the most popular habits of successful students. 

1. They set goals

A successful student has long and short-term goals.  Long term goals could be graduation, getting a 4.0, becoming president of a club, or getting on the Dean’s list. Short term goals could be passing a class, acing a test, joining a club, or even finishing all their homework. Accomplishing short term goals helps a successful student to stay motivated to reach those longer-term goals. 


2. They take accountability 

A successful student takes accountability for their mistakes. Owning up to a shortcoming shows that they don’t put blame on others for their own faults. They set the standard for those around them by not making excuses. This sets a good example for others and shows strength in their own mindset.


3. They practice self-discipline

 Self-discipline is the strength to get the things done that you may not want to do. A successful student uses their own willpower to complete tasks without someone else telling them to. Its determination in their own mind to accomplish their goals and not fall into laziness. 


4. They work on self- development

Successful students take the necessary steps to get better each day. They wake up every morning trying to be better, work harder, and do what is best for themselves and those around them. Self-development could be reading a self-help book, taking a class, exercising, eating better, or treating others the way they want to be treated. 


5. They don’t give up

Another habit of a successful student is perseverance. Don’t let the failures get you down. It is necessary to fail to move forward. Good students recognize this. They get up and try again when something doesn’t work out. They believe that when they want to accomplish a goal, that they can, and they will. 


6. They practice time management


Time management is one of the most important tools to be successful. Setting up a schedule and sticking to it to make sure you get done what you need to in a timely manner is a habit of a successful student. You can do this by allocating time for different activities in your day. Keeping a planner to stay organized or using the workflow feature on CircleIn will help you to see the tasks that need to be done, and when they need to be finished. 


7. They have a mentor

A lot of successful people in the world have a mentor. A mentor can be a figure in your life that you admire and want to be like. They could be a parent, professor, or even a successful friend. Mentors will give you valuable advice that you can apply to your own life.  Finding a good mentor that wants to see you succeed is a great way to start your journey to success. 


8. They take care of themselves

Outside of the workday craziness, successful people take the time to make sure they are healthy in their mind and body. They know that in order to do well on the outside, they have to feel good on the inside. This could be exercising, eating right, or spending time doing what they love. By taking care of yourself first, you’re more likely to do a better job at whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. 


9. They show appreciation

Successful college students recognize the privileges they have and show appreciation for them. They vocalize to people around them how thankful they are for help and support. Showing appreciation helps you to build up a network of people that care about you and are on your side. It may not seem like a vital attribute but thanking people for the value they brought you is a good habit of a successful student.  


10.They recognize the true meaning of success

Success looks different for everyone. Not everything is about the number on your bank account, and successful students know this. Success could be doing your job well, getting a good grade, making your parents proud, and many other things. Successful students know in their minds what it means to them to be successful and they do what they need to do to get there.