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What to do the Night before your Exam

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The night before an exam should be relaxing and filled with self care. With proper time management and organization students should be able to prevent any excess stress. As a student myself I completely understand the realities of procrastination and sleep deprivation. So here are some tips to ease the stress that comes along with exams.

 1.Eat a Healthy Meal

This is something that a lot of college students already struggle with, even when it’s not exam season. However, it’s really important to nourish and treat your body well. The food you put into your body will affect your brain and your motivation to get through the day. For dinner, have a nutritious meal for brain power! Giving yourself good foods to eat will help you get through last minute studying. The morning of your final try to have a filling and energizing breakfast. Great breakfast options include eggs, oatmeal, essentially a protein filled meal.

2. Review your Notes

This is probably the most important thing to do the night before your exam. Review your notes! When you’re preparing for your exam use CircleIn’s flashcard feature. Through mobile or CircleIn’s website you can create flashcards for all of your units in each class. You can easily test yourself and make your flashcards visible to your classmates! Everyone can benefit from your flashcards and you can use other’s flashcards as well.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Getting a good night of sleep is essential for your success as a student. Sleeping for 2 to 3 hours or pulling an all-nighter is going to mess with your brain. You won’t be able to properly focus on your exam. We need around 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night to function properly. Sleeping for a full 7 hours will improve your quality of sleep and keep your body healthy. Even if you feel like you aren’t completely prepared, allowing yourself to sleep will benefit you much more than trying to cram in a lot of content.

4. Prepare for the morning

So you don’t have a rushed morning, prepare everything you need beforehand. Have your outfit laid out for the next day. Pack your bag and make sure your pencils are all sharpened! If you’re al

lowed to have a calculator or some notes have all that be packed up and ready to go. Overall make sure you have everything you need to succeed that day. The chances of you forgetting something will decrease greatly if you prepare the night before.

5. Be Optimistic

Going into an exam with the mindset that you’re going to fail is not a good idea. Be confident in yourself and your abilities and see how much better you do on exams! Being pessimistic while studying and taking your exam can lead to a lot of stress and you won’t be able

to focus. Relax and try your best and remember that it isn’t the end of the world. You can get through it and reach your goals.

Take care of yourself before your exam! Try to keep these few tips in mind when midterms or finals roll around and you’ll be good. Exams aren’t supposed to be scary, use your time wisely and effectivel

y for a successful future.