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5 Study Tips for Remote Learning

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This semester is definitely a new experience for all of us! Whether you’re a teacher or a student these five tips will help you get the most out of this virtual environment. The pandemic has affected the way we learn and our mental health and it’s important to be aware of this going into a virtual semester.


1. Create a daily routine

Using a planner or a calendar to schedule out your semester. Include all your deadlines and meeting times. Time management is key to stay on top of your work. Plan out your entire day, from waking up to lunch to attending class. Keeping a schedule while at home all day will allow you to stay productive. Setting small goals is essential for your success this semester.


2. Form Virtual Study Groups

Prior to COVID-19 you probably had the habit of meeting up with friends and classmates to study in the library. Now that that’s physically impossible, try to keep up with friends and classmates through virtual study sessions! Schedule a time to meet people on video chat whether it’s to relax or study for your next exam.

Keeping social during hard times like this will allow you to keep up with your school work. Your friends and classmates can help each other when struggling and to stay on top of deadlines.

3. Go to Virtual Study Hours

Just because you’re not learning in person this semester doesn’t mean teachers and teaching assistants don’t have office hours. They’re just online! Even if you’re not struggling in a course, make an incentive to join office hours to talk to your professor and discuss material. Schedule meetings with your professor or an advisor if you’re struggling. 


4. Stay organized

Set reminders for upcoming assignment deadlines and meetings. Organize your work as you would if you were in-person this semester! Keep a planner and add goals to keep yourself on track. This will help make everyday feel different.

You can also add your tasks on CircleIn! Keep track of your progress with these tasks using the subcategories provided in the application. For example, mark your tasks as overdue, upcoming, in-progress, or done.


5. Go outside

Being cooped up all day in your room in class meetings can greatly reduce productivity. Try to do your homework outside for a change or take breaks in between classes. Having a few minutes of fresh air is good for you physically and mentally.


6. Take Breaks

Having virtual classes all day can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Since you’re no longer walking from class to class and hanging out on campus, take some time out of your day to take a walk or read a book. Relax with your family and friends, schedule this into your daily routine! Leave some time in your day to take care of yourself. 

Succeeding as a student in remote learning is very possible. Just be kind to yourself and be mindful of how you manage your time. Follow these steps and you can have an outstanding semester.